The Co.Lab Network


network diagram

“Connectivity is the single defining character of our 20th Century urban condition”
– Me ++, William J. Mitchel

Co.lab benefits from being part of the Birmingham School of Architecture & Design in a number of ways. The School has the longest-standing RIBA validated Architecture course in the West Midlands region, and is part of the Birmingham City University’s Arts, Design & Media Faculty (ADM) – the largest institutions of its kind outside London.

This provides us with a significant network of people that contribute to the development of projects with the school; from alumni to practicing professionals, creative entrepreneurs and artists to industry experts. We aim to contribute to the clustering of creative enterprises emerging in the region, strengthening collaborative links, and intensifying the concentration of nodes (as events, people, places). We believe a heterarchic structure of practitioners encourage a fair and stable solution to the effects of cultural regeneration that pervades our cities today.

View the following pages in the ‘network’ section above to learn more about the extent of Co.lab’s network.

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